by Seth Breitman

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released March 30, 2000

Acoustic Guitar & Vocals: Seth Breitman
Electric Guitar & Programming: Zak Soulam
Drums & Programming: Nir Z
Bass Guitar: Andy Hess
Clarinet, Flute & Sax: Greg Wall
Congas & Percussion: Danny Sadownick

written by Seth Breitman
produced by Zak Soulam
mixed at Sound Spa, Edison, NJ by Stevie Deacutis
Drums & Bass recorded at Brooklyn Broadcast Audio, Brooklyn, NY by Joe Cosgrove



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Seth Breitman New Jersey

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Track Name: Break Free
This time my mind is blind
To what it finds in LA or the New York Times
One of my favorite lines
Says, "If you be mine, things will be fine!"
Instead they’re drawing sand lines
Another year another design

Here I go I'm about to break free – come on help me out
I'm about to break free
Writing lyrical lines amidst the neon signs
I'm serious and these are changing times

I've got strong men and weak me I'm the Master of War
I've got west men and east men across Atlantic shores
Add six more to explore

That makes 7 seas for the sailor to sail
There are 7 notes in the musical scale
There are 7 days in which to be one, one, one, one,
One, one, one
7 contents to make love on

Teacher talks about a parallel universe
Student is inspired to compose a rhyming verse
I'm gonna continue to dispel more myths
We've been waiting life times and life times for this

Sometimes it's kinder to be cruel than weak
Sometimes it's kinder to be cruel than weak

This time my mind is blind
To what it finds in LA or the New York Times
One of my favorite lines
Says, "If you be mine, things will be fine!"
Instead their drawing sand lines
Another year another design
Track Name: A Song of Ascents
At the crossroads by my cabin contemplating strategies for success
What attracts two people together, will we make it through this mess
Mama always said, even if you choose nothing things get done
But if you choose son you can get what you want

So many books on my shelf
So many sound bytes in my ear
I'm not wanting for another cliche
What do I want to hear

Walk with me talk with me I'm leading you around
What was popular yesterday has gone underground
Who's counting, who's living outside of time
Unpopular at 18 suave at 69
Poteach et yadecha umasbiah l'chol chai ratzon
Fulfills all my wills sits me on a royal throne
We are the holy children who will not be postponed
Sated with the finest wheat, give us honey from a stone
Step back, where the ladies at, looking for her place
When she takes her throne of glory then we'll have a peaceful place
I don't wake up in the morning trying to do wrong
Stop complaining to me and help me sing this song
Creation begins with two, our Maker's one
The moon shines at night and by day the sun
The tree of knowledge led to the rat race
Tree of Life. Show your face

In midtown Manhattan, contemplating strategies for success
So many people together, what do we share in common
Everyone needs something, someone
When they get it they want something more
But there's one thing that we always want

Some boys want a lover, starving mothers want some food
We each need something to live
Put your palms to the sky receive and give
Track Name: Balance
Joy, purpose, heart
Gratitude and balance
You won't be washed away by pain
Sweetness all the time decays
If you're out of the fight you'll never win
Without feeling life goes away

Grief keeps me up when I want to sleep
Knocks me out at the end of the week
But it washes off the rust of old habits
Give a dry garden a good watering